H E N N A   -   A C R Y L I C   A R T   -   R E S I N   A R T


Afshan Moosa
A Dallas based professional Henna Artist. 

Invited Nationally and Internationally 

I will start by Thanking the Almighty for all the blessings he has bestowed upon me. 

My journey begins with my teenage years where I remember perfecting the art of henna by adorning the beautiful hands of my family and friends. Once my hands learned to make beautiful motifs effortlessly, I realized that the pleasure was not just in my art work but more so in the delightful faces of those who were being adorned.  The hours of artistry and the patient human canvas were well worth the effort.  Upon completion, I was always in awe of the eyes of the brides that waited forever for the dancing aura of colors to appear on their hands. 

Over the years I have strived to learn and develop different techniques. As I travelled my way across the various continents, I uncovered the unique designs and innovative ways that henna can be applied and turned my passion into a rewarding career.

The love and the encouragement that surrounded me at that time gave me the strength to take that first step. Today, I am proud that my clientele is all over the world.

 I am Afshan Moosa, artist, Realtor, wife and mother.

In Dallas since1994...This is my life, my henna...my artwork!